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Faith Around the Table                                                                                                                                                                       Bible scavenger hunts.  Play doh. Beach ball songs.  Oreo take-home devotions.  Learning about a concordance.  Covenants.  Fun Bible facts.  Meeting people you’ve never met.  Prayer cubes.  GREAT food!  Skits.  Videos.  Table discussions.  Sharing.  ARTifacts.  Creation. Bible discussions.  Going deeper.  It’s what you’ve missed if you haven’t attended a Faith Around the Table sesession yet.


Currently Zion Church’s Education Program is part of an Evangelical Lutheran Church in America initiative to draw participants of all ages to meet ‘around tables’ to share God’s Word and engage each other in conversations and faith formation. Tables of food and fellowship invite a friendly and open opportunity for children, youth and adults to open the Bible face to face.

For more information contact the church office (301-371-6500). 

Hope in Faith

Hope in Faith is a group that offers support and encouragement (through monthly gathering and sharing resources) for all who experience loss. The group gathers at 5:15pm in the rear parking lot the last Monday of each month, and dines together at a different eatery each gathering. 

For more information about Hope in Faith, please contact Dixie Eichelberger at or 301-371-4232, or Greta Huffer at 301-371-7706.

Health Ministry

Through the congregation's nurses, the Health Ministry encourages health and shares Christ's healing for all who suffer in any way. The First Response Team which helps us prepare for emergencies is also part of this ministry. For more information about the Health Ministry and Parish Nurse Ministry, please contact Lorna House at or 301-371-6395.                        For more information about the First Response Team, please contact Cathy Baker at or 301-371-5743.

Communion Visitation

The Communion Visitation Ministry provides monthly visits to our homebound that includes communion. For more information about Communion Visitation, please contact the church office at or call 301-371-6500.

CD Ministry

The CD Ministry team makes compact disc recordings of our worship service to provide for our homebound and those who are unable to attend worship. For more information about our CD Ministry, please contact Peggy Alexander at 301-371-6823.

Care Responders

The Care Responders respond to the needs of those who are elderly, disabled, ill or in transition by offering transportation and an occasional meal. For more information about the Care Responders, please contact Rosella Wilson at or 301-471-4893.

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